Current projects

1. Leading scientific groups. Grant 2014-2015: SS-279.2014.3. Study of the mechanisms and kinetics of solid phase chemical reactions, the development of the methods of the control of processes and properties of the reaction products. (The head: Boldirev V.V.)

2. Program of fundamental Research of Presidium RAS: “Fundamental science to medicine” Project FSM-03. Preparation of the new medicamental compounds using nanotechnologies. (The head: Boldirev V.V.)

3. Interdisciplinary integration project: Project # 108. Alternative ways of medicamental compounds injection into organism and physical methods of their properties modification. (The head: Boldirev V.V.)

4. RFBR: Project # 13-03-00795А. (2013-2015) Application of model set-ups for the comparison of the influence of mechanical exposure on mechano-chemical synthesis and polymorphous transformations in systems with organic and coordination compounds. (The head: Boldirev V.V.)

5. RFBR № 13-03-92704-IND «Synthesis, structure and properties of pharmaceutical salts and co-crystals», 2013-2014. (The head: Boldireva E.V.)

6. RFBR № 14-03-00902 «Photomechanical effects in solid-state transformations», 2014-2016. (The head: Boldireva E.V.)

7. Project SB RAS # V.44.3.4 «The influence of hydrostatic pressure and extremely low temperature on molecular crystals. Mechanochemistry» (The head: Boldireva E.V.)

8. RSF Project # 14-13-00834 ”From mineralogy to biology: Study of the influence of the high pressure on interaction of the water and other fluids with inorganic, organic and bio molecules”  (The head: Boldireva E.V.)